Changes in Smartermail Password Requirement

Dear Value Clients,

As several cases of our user’s account has been hijacked and being used to send out large volume of unsolicited (SPAM) emails from our mail server which has affected the mail server performance through the past few weeks which we have seen, the following password security policy has been implemented on all global mail server setting, which requires each POP3 account password to have the following requirement :

  1. The password must have AT LEAST a minimum of 5 characters.
  2. The password SHOULD NOT be equivalent to the POP3 username.
  3. The password MUST CONTAIN at least a minimum of 1 symbol. (New policy)

You are advised to update your email account password if your current password does not meet the above requirement. Failure to do so will cause your password to be rejected by the Smartermail mail server and you will be prompted for ‘Password Rejection’ error at the WebMail.

Kindly take note that email users who use mail client (Outlook/Thunderbird/etc…) to retrieve/send emails won’t be affected. However, it is recommended to update the email account password as mentioned above. This is to prevent the email account being compromised for illegal activities such as sending spam or phishing emails.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries. Thank You!

Best Regards,

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