Our Policies

In order for us to give the best services to all our clients, we have set out the following policies. These policies may change from time to time without prior notice. Please read them before purchasing our products. JuiceAPac Sdn Bhd reserves the right in refusing to host any site deemed unsuitable. The determination of what is deemed unsuitable or prohibited shall be solely made by JuiceAPac Sdn Bhd.

JuiceAPac Sdn Bhd reserves the right to refuse its services or access to any account deemed to have been used inappropriately. Violation of policy will result on immediate suspension of the account involved without refund.

Disallowed Sites

JuiceAPac Sdn Bhd will not host the following sites:

  • Sites containing pornographic, adult materials, sexual explicit images or links to adult sites
  • Sites containing materials that violates the copyright act such as MP3, pirated software, etc.
  • Sites containing racism, illegal activities, defamatory remarks
  • Sites containing products on hacking, intrusion or violation of security systems
  • Spamming or the act of sending bulk unsolicited e-mails to irrelevant groups of people


The billing cycle will be with accordance to the packages purchased. The date when the customer signs up will be the billing date. In a situation where the clients were unable to settle their bills, we will suspend the account involved and may terminate the account if no further actions were taken.

Cancellation of Service

The cancellation of service must be made in writing with at least two weeks (14 days) notice. No refund will be made to any cancellation of service unless there are deposits involved where in this case, the deposits will be refunded once everything else is settled.

Refunds will be given at the discretion of the Company Management.


In no circumstances or at any time will JuiceAPac Sdn Bhd be held liable for any claims resulting from loss of data or information to client’s business. The use of e-mail and web hosting services is under client’s sole risk. JuiceAPac Sdn Bhd will not be held liable to any problems arising from, but not limited to, domain name problems, Internet bandwidth, power outages, Internet connectivity or unauthorised access.

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