Microsoft cancels large Windows 10 update after users lose files

With its latest update, Microsoft was hoping to give its users a feel for Apple’s seamless multi-device experience. But then users started reporting files disappearing, and the whole thing unravelled. — dpa

Although Windows updates are notorious for forcing a reboot when you need your computer most, the latest upgrade was set to bring a host of new features that promise to be useful.

But once files started disappearing on various users after the October update, Microsoft promptly cancelled the rollout.

Your computer may have already downloaded the update, however. If so, you’re advised to wait before allowing the installation. If you are among the unlucky users to have lost files, the company says you should get in touch through Microsoft Support.

Once Microsoft has dealt with the problem, users can look forward to a range of new functions, including smartphone and to-do app integration. Here are four of the biggest changes.

Smartphone connection: After installing the new app “Your Smartphone”, users can access a connected Android smartphone directly from a PC. This means you can, for example, drag and drop photos from the phone into an Office document or read SMS messages on the PC. The app requires Android 7.0 or higher.

Smartphone timeline: This feature allows users to see what files and programs they have accessed in the past seven days. Users can also see this information on their iPhone or Android smartphone, provided they are logged in with their Microsoft account.

To-do integration: The To Do app for task reminders now integrates better with Outlook and Skype. For example, users can drag a task from To Do into the Outlook calendar or drag emails from Outlook into To Do. Users can also edit tasks directly in Skype.

Improved pen input: There are several Windows 10 devices that can be used with a pen. Microsoft has now improved pen input by using AI to automatically transform sketches into slides, flow charts or diagrams. New pen gestures have also been added.

Even after this problem is solved, however, you’re best advised to back up any data before letting Microsoft make changes to the system. – dpa

Source: The Star Online

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