Apple Watch reportedly took 52% of the smartwatch market in 2015

Apple Watch - Hermes wrist

According to a new research, the Apple Watch claimed 52% of the global smartwatch market in 2015, after less than a year on sale. The Apple Watch’s Android Wear competitors held only 10% of the market, according to Juniper Research.

Despite the Apple Watch’s popularity, Juniper has found that consumers are still wary of the category. Many are holding off on purchasing a watch, citing factors such as price. Some customers are also skeptical that a smartwatch would actually be a convenience.

While smartwatches’ most common claim to a use case is to improve convenience and ‘free’ users from their smartphone, several users and reviewers note that this simply shifts the burden of notification to another location, rather than lessening the load.

Juniper has found that, outside of the Apple Watch, the smartwatch market has been driven by devices with more basic functionality and lower cost. Most of these devices tend to have basic notifications and fitness tracking, without the ability to run apps. The largest markets for smartwatches in 2015 were, according to Juniper, North America, China and East Asia, and Western Europe.

Source: iMore

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