Alibaba to set up Anti-DDoS

Kuala Lumpur: Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, is setting up an Anti-DDoS Scrubbing Centre in Malaysia next month to mitigate risks and offer customers the highest level of protection against stronger distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

DDoS attack is an attack in which multiple compromised computer systems attack a target, such as a server, website or other network resource, and cause a denial of service for users of the targeted resource.

Alibaba Cloud in a statement on Friday said the centre will be its latest investment after it officially launched a second availability zone, Availability Zone B, to expand its cloud footprint and bolster cloud capacity, serving increasing customer demand locally and regionally.

“The launch of our Availability Zone B and Anti-DDoS Scrubbing Centre will enable us to offer even greater security and choice for our customers,” Malaysia General Manager Kenny Tan said.

He said the new availability zone complements Availability Zone A which was launched last year in heightening cloud security and ensuring business continuity through resilient cloud infrastructure.

“In addition to ensuring high availability and resiliency, Availability Zone B offers payment hardware security modules, elastic computing, database, networking and monitoring services,” he said. – Bernama

Source: Daily Express Online

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