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Chew Fei Sean Grand Merdeka Development Sdn Bhd

Chew Fei Sean
Grand Merdeka Development Sdn Bhd

Chew Fei Sean, the only ‘rose’ amount the gents, as the head of the Sabah Housing and Real Estate Developers Association (SHAREDA) young developers, and project coordinator for Grand Merdeka Development Sdn Bhd, building the next big suburban mall in Kota Kinabalu north is even more high tech savvy. “Have you heard of JuiceSky?” she asks.

Her company is using the internet service portal which is well publicised in road side buntings to be helping businesses to advertise themselves through the social media besides other traditional means. That means her business as a developer is very well connected in every way possible

On the sales for the Sabah’s green mall – Grand Merdeka Mall with a tagline of “Everyone Can Own”, she is really happy that more than 70 per cent were sold and things are looking great and grand onwards to success with the mall development sited in an area with half a million strong captive market.

When it comes to green building standards, she is a real pro, more knowledgeable that the West Malaysian Real Estate and Housing Developers Association (REHDA) has established its GreenRE standards which is more conducive and cheaper in terms of payable fees for certification for local developers as compared to the GBI – Green Building Index criteria.

GreenRE is less rigid than the long-existing Green Building Index, which was developed based on the international Green Mark standards.

GreenRE is designed for various types of real estate which assesses building performance throughout the whole development process; commencing from the conceptualization and design stage, during construction and up to post completion.

GreenRE is an industry driven green rating tool established to drive the Malaysia’s real estate industry towards a more sustainable and liveable built environment.

With her cheery disposition and bright ideas, SHAREDA’s new blood of Gen Y holds great promises for the future of the association.

Source: Property Hunter (July 2013 edition)

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