Property Solutions

JuiceAPac Property Booking Engine is developed and designed specifically for property developer. Our system include postings for your listings, online form to make a booking, manage listings status, and much more. By providing valuable resources on your website, your visitors and prospect investors will be able to receive much more information.

Our website design service turns your website into an integral part of our property system and not just an online brochure that never gets the attention it should.

Think of what you can achieve with our solutions…

  • It’s Flexible – Going out of office can be much relaxing knowing that you can manage your system anywhere, anytime.
  • It’s Efficient – You can combine sales, administration & business management systems into one property solution.
  • It’s Secure – A relief for you to know that your system is only accessible by authorised staff anywhere, even when computers fail.
  • It’s User Friendly – Our system is designed where you can manage the system with no training or computer skills required.

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