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Say goodbye to gasoline – China’s going electric

China, one-third of the world's car market, is working on a timetable to end sales of fossil-fuel-based vehicles, the country's vice minister of industry and information technology, Xin Guobin, told an industry forum in Tianjin on Saturday. That … [Read more]


JuiceAPac成立了15年,从本国的客户扩展到15个不同的国家,也从实体办公室发展到云端远距工作的团队。在今天这个进入云端的时代,JuiceAPac以改採分散人力模式,将工作模式分佈于不同国家的地区,甚至不需要在同一时段一起工作。在当今的云端世代,JuiceAPac更致力推广知识成长(成立社群读书会),为本身与客户提升价值及思维上的广阔。 透过分享及聆听的方式,以致集体创造的意义。智力及心智模式成长是必备的条件,不但能激发智慧的成长,我们更不断地精进及自我提升,并推己及人,把知识扩大到事 … [Read more]

Happy National Day… My Malaysia

Let's together be grateful for the blessing of independence, remain united and work together, shape our goals and plan our direction to achieve the dream of our country. "Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!" … [Read more]

China forbidding anonymous online posts

China’s crackdown on Internet freedom is getting even more intense. Last Friday, the country’s top Internet censor announced a new set of regulations meant to eliminate posts by anonymous users on Internet forums and other platforms. The Cyberspace … [Read more]

Alibaba leads $1.1B investment in Indonesia-based e-commerce firm Tokopedia

Alibaba has continued its push into Southeast Asia after it led a $1.1 billion investment in Tokopedia, an e-commerce firm based in Indonesia. A valuation for the deal was not announced, but the companies did say that Alibaba has become a minority … [Read more]

Hackers deface Malaysian sites

At least 33 local websites have been hacked and defaced by Indonesian hacker group KidsZonk, who are ostensibly unhappy by the flag blunder in the official souvenir booklet of the Kuala Lumpur SEA Games 2017. Clicking on the sites redirects users … [Read more]