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Happy Chinese New Year

Wishing everyone Joy, Prosperity and Success this New Year and always... Gong Xi Fa Cai! … [Read more]

Hackers infect thousands of websites to mine cryptocurrencies

The attack is the first major incident made public in which a new breed of hackers took over a large numbers of websites to effectively create currencies like bitcoin which are generated by using computing power. The attacks made public over the … [Read more]

China is reportedly moving to clamp down on bitcoin miners

China banned bitcoin, ICOs and now it appears to be clamping down on Chinese miners, an important group estimated to produce some three-quarters of the world’s supply of bitcoin. According to a leaked January 2 memo from the ‘Leading Group of … [Read more]

Meltdown & Spectre – Computer chip ‘flaw’ sparks security debate amid scramble for fix

WASHINGTON: A newly discovered vulnerability in computer chips raised concerns Jan 3 that hackers could access sensitive data on most modern systems, as technology firms sought to play down the security risks. Chip giant Intel issued a statement … [Read more]

The US Government blocks MoneyGram’s $1.2B sale to Alibaba’s Ant Financial

The proposed acquisition of global payment service MoneyGram by Alibaba’s Ant Financial is off after the U.S. Government blocked the $1.2 billion deal. Ant Financial, the Alibaba affiliate which controls Alipay — China’s top mobile wallet — and … [Read more]

2017 winding down and 2018 right around the corner…

“With 2017 coming to a close, we wanted to reach out and send our best wishes to you! We hope that 2018 holds success and good fortune in any endeavour you pursue. It’s time to pop the champagne, put on our party hats, and celebrate all that we … [Read more]