Warmest Christmas Wishes To You And Your Family


Season’s Greetings.

It’s been a wonderful year for JuiceAPac, but we couldn’t have done it without you, our loyal supporters. As we enter into the Christmas season once again, keeping an eye toward all things, we would like to extend warm wishes to you and yours. Please make the most of the holiday and look forward to serve you better in the new year.

Merry Christmas from JuiceAPac Team.

資深網絡系統開發公司 JuiceAPac 為您商業創新贏利點

JuiceAPac Group Photo - Resized


JuiceAPac 公司在我國內成立了十多年,專業提供互聯網網站開發服务,創意及運營。公司有經驗豐富的團隊為您提供系統及創新的網上服務。

網站可以定為兩大類別 1。廣告網站、2。系統網站。 廣告網站只採取傳統的平面廣告設計成為網上廣告,沒有多大的競爭能力。系統網站就好像某某廉價航空公司, 你可以自己在線上訂購機票,座位,食品以及保險同時也創造了航空公司的最高贏利點。系統網站需要一間有經驗豐富的公司並由其軟件工程師來為你提供服務,在系統網站的架構上工程師們要考慮的問題不單單是功能求,並幫助企業在競爭對手從而開創新的贏利點。

JuiceAPac 的團隊成員中有資深的系統網站顧問及工程師,曾開發國際組織、上市公司、政府部門、銀行、集團、房產、酒店、旅遊等製作開發系統網站,在開發大型系統網站中具有豐富的經驗。

以下是一些在 JuiceAPac 成立的系統網站上,找到商機的客戶:

Grand Merdeka 產業發展經理 – 周惠賢小姐
Grand Merdeka 購物中心,以環保绿色元素為中心,建立了更人性化的購物環境,在 JuiceAPac 的團隊合作之下,建立了一個更有系統的網站,提供一個高效、快速、專業的解決方案。 智能化店面單位圖,讓購買者定位自己意向的店面單位也採用了無紙化的工作方式。銷售團隊也可以在公司外連接我們的系統網站,以快速的處理購買程序。直到如今主人家很高興的看到 70%的店面已經售出了。

Akira 家電創新的商業模式
Akira 家電 總經理 – Y C Chong 先生
Akira 高度關注系統化和創新的服務,在JuiceAPac的網站顧問的交談下成立了 Akira 系統網站及智能手機 App,系統給予自助管理, 更方便及快速搜索商品最新消息,优惠及促銷。感謝JuiceAPac 團隊成員創新品牌商品行銷的新方式協助 Akira 進一步拓展業務。

All Borneo Connection Tours 行政總裁 – Len P Liew 先生
All Borneo Connection Tours 榮獲了多項旅遊公司獎章,主要的採用了JuiceAPac建立的系統網站, 我們成立公司之前,多次跟JuiceAPac公司會議決定網站開發的藍圖,在 JuiceAPac 細心協助之下成立了我們的系統網站,也快速看到今天的收穫。在一次榮獲最佳旅遊網站獎項之下,Mr. Len 上台分享說:我聘請了一批軍隊,24 小時 365 天幫助我工作的,沒憤氣、沒有生病、沒有放假的工人那就我們的系統網站。旅遊業系統網站也成為了今天國際化的成功模式。

沙巴州工商業聯合會,秘書長 – 葉競文先生
沙巴州廠家聯合會隨著國際化的發展,聯合會改名為沙巴州工商業聯合會後將委托 JuiceAPac公司成立信息商業營銷平台,服務擴展後覆蓋面廣的各會員行業。 葉先生說: 聯合會基於商會本質,對網頁要求有跨越商務本義,強調的是容易讓商業或個體用戶遊覽,尋找資料,下載訊息文件。為此JuiceAPac公司能符合要求,所特别为FSM開發的系統網站結構嚴謹,兼容性強,也鞏固安全,讓商會放心。

Promenade Hotel 總經理 – Alex Cham Nyit Vun 先生
亞庇凱城酒店是沙巴亞庇首間榮獲 ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System 認證的四星級商務酒店,隨著快速國際化互聯網網站的出現及旅客朝向自助旅行的方式,公司會議決定從廣告網站更新成為有競爭能力的系統網站。在JuiceAPac公司協助之下成功建立了酒店住宿預訂及支付綱。隨著未來馬來西亞及中國的發展,我們也添加了中文版,比起其它同級網頁平台更勝一籌。

有興趣了解網站開發者,可瀏覽網站 www.juiceapac.com


Telekom Malaysia Berhad – Discontinuation of TM E-mail services

tm-logo-200 x 137Dear Valued Customers,

Telekom Malaysia Berhad wishes to inform you that TM no longer accepts any new registrations for all TM E-mail services (namely streamyx.com, tm.net.my, hsbb.com.my, bluehyppo.com and unifi.com) effective immediately.

However, please note that existing TM Email accounts will remain active until 1 December 2013. After this date, all TM E-mail related services will automatically be deactivated.

We would like to advise our customers to clear all your emails and save all your important documents before the expiry of your TM Email account to avoid any inconvenience. TM will not be liable for any data loss due to the expiry of your TM Email account after the abovementioned date.

Do keep in touch with us for the latest updates and promotions by updating your personal data accordingly. This is also to ensure that you will receive a copy of your online bill promptly. You may update your TM E-mail address to your preferred e-mail address via the channels listed below:

1.    TMpoint

    1. Walk in to the nearest TMpoint outlet. Our TMpoint personnel will assist you in updating your TM E-mail address to your preferred e-mail address.

2.    ‘100’

    1. Dial 100. TM’s customer service representative will assist you in updating your TM E-mail address to your preferred email address.
    2. This number is applicable for customers with streamyx.com.my, tm.net.my and bluehyppo.com.my domains.

3.     ‘1 300 88 1221’

    1. Dial 1 300 88 1221. TM’s customer service representative will assist you in updating your TM E-mail address to your preferred email address.
    2. This number is applicable for customers with unifi.my and hsbb.com.my domains.

At TM, we are committed to continuously improve our products and services in order to provide customers with more effective and innovative ways to communicate in our effort to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

We thank you for your continuous support of TM products and services and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Should you require any further assistance or clarification, please get in touch with us here, or Tweet us @TMConnects.

Thank you.

Source: Telekom Malaysia Berhad

Happy 50th Malaysia Day!


This September 16th, Come and witness a historical event happening this 16th of September at Prince Philip Park, Tanjung Aru as we celebrate Malaysia’s 50th Anniversary and also Sabah’s 50th year of independence.

There are numerous special features in this year’s celebration; a series of programs which will include colorful family events and cultural performances.

Get a taste of Sabah as there will be five traditional houses constructed by local craftsmen to be showcased on that day where visitors can enjoy local cuisine and participate in native games. Be entertained by top national artistes such as Stacy, Faizal Tahir, Jimmy Palikat, Jaclyn Victor, Sheila Hamza, One Nation MC, Fauziah Gambus and Hafiz who would stage their performance on that exciting night.

A spectacular firework display will light the night of September 16th to mark the end of the celebration for the night.

This is an event not to be missed! Let us all come and celebrate this significant event together and make this day a jubilant one!

Source: Sabah Tourism

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!


Hari Merdeka (Independence Day) is a national day of Malaysia commemorating the independence of the Federation of Malaya from British colonial rule in 1957, celebrated on August 31 each year.

As Malaysia celebrates its 56th Independence Day 2013, JuiceAPac would like to wish all Malaysians a wonderful & memorable celebration of Malaysian independence!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri – Maaf Zahir & Batin

We at JuiceAPac would like to wish all our muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri – Maaf Zahir & Batin.

Selamat Hari Raya 2013